The Word of God instructs us to "give and it shall be given".  We believe that God's provision is increased when we trust God. 

Stewardship is about trust and by choosing to financially support the Kingdom of God you are saying, "I trust You, Lord with everything, incuding my finances"! God will pour out abundant blessings upon those who are willing to be a conduit for His provisions.

For those who would like to give via check you may do so by mail to:
    St. Mary Congregational Church (SMCC), 213 S. Louisiana Street, Abbeville, LA 70578

If you prefer to give online, complete the fields below.  

Note:  A PayPal account is NOT required to give online.

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Either way, you will receive a Contribution Statement from SMCC for your quarterly or annual giving. You will also receive an e-mail confirmation of your gift upon completion of your online donation.

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Thank you for your sacrificial giving! We appreciate your support of The Sanctuary of Worship and your help in accomplishing the mission of reaching and leading our community.


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